Support the Cadets by fundraising

The Guernsey ACF is a registered charity and survives only by charitable donations without which we cannot survive as an youth organisation.

We would welcome support from parents, cadets, ex-cadets, friends and other people who believe in our organisation.

Supporting us by running any fundraising, large or small, helps keep our Detachment going and all the benefits it brings to our local young people.

Fundraising will make you feel good and ensures that we can continue to provide exciting challenges and develop our young people and equip them for the future.

Many local business have strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies that supports employees engaged in fundraising whether that is through time off, financially or through promotion.

There are lots of great ways to raise funds. Why not organise an event or get sponsored to do something challenging, difficult or just plain silly?

Make something happen

Fundraising can be a good excuse to do something you enjoy, something you’ve never done before or something silly and outrageous with like-minded people, and raise funds and awareness of the Guernsey ACF at the same time. If your event is public we can list it on our Facebook page. Where possible and appropriate we always try and attend your events to give you that extra support.

The possibilities are endless but here are a few ideas for events you could organise yourself to raise money:

Record attempt         Coffee morning        Garden open day

Roller-skating derby            Garage sale              Car boot sale

Dog show                  Mufti day                    Cricket match

Concert                      Party                           Cake sale

Raise money and and make a difference

Raising sponsorship can be a great way to challenge yourself to achieve something new, reach a personal goal or just have a laugh while drawing attention to the Guernsey ACF.

People will sponsor others for almost endless reasons but here are some ideas you might like to try:

Parachute Jump               Cycling                                  Give up smoking

Staying silent                     Growing a moustache         Shaving a beard

Losing weight           Running a marathon          Swimming

Singing                      Triathlon                                Walking

Collecting sponsorship doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. You can use social media to tell your friends and family and establish your own unique fundraising page so they can donate online using all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.