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Why should I join Cadets?

It’s a lot of fun! You will make new friends and have a wide range of activities to take part in and opportunities to try things you wouldn;t get at any other type of youth club. Some is military based such as field craft which is infantry training – learning to live outside including over night exercises with section battle drills. We also do map and compass with expeditions, First Aid, drill shooting, PT and cadet in the community – and other things such as kayaking and surfing… come and give it a try!

Q: What is the Army Cadet Force?

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation, sponsored by the Army. It provides a cadet star training syllabus, including military, challenging, adventurous and community activities. Its aim is to inspire young people to achieve success in life, with a spirit of service to the Queen, their country and local community, and to develop them in the qualities of a good citizen – while having FUN.

Q: Is Army Cadets safe? What about the shooting?

Yes. All activities and lessons are supervised by fully trained and qualified adult instructors. Shooting is part of the training. Everyone starts with lessons on safety with weapons and this is strictly followed whenever the rifles are being used. Cadets learn to shoot with an air-rifle at our indoor shooting range, and only after cadets have proved they are safe. There is then progressive training for when they progress to larger types of rifles and shooting on ranges, blank firing during fieldcraft at camp, or paintball.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

There is a fee of £25 which has to be paid with Enrolment Form (once complete please return to Guernsey ACF with payment). The majority of uniform and equipment is on long term loan, to be returned when a cadet leaves, although new boots have to be bought and some small things such as cam cream and gloves. (We have a kit shop to help keep prices down) Special events such as Annual Camp and some training are charged separately, but being an Army Cadet is relatively inexpensive.

Q: Who comes to Cadets?

Boys and girls 12 (and in year 8) to 18 years old, from any school, college or not at school. Adult instructors.

Q: When do we meet?

Wednesday 1900 – 2130 and Sundays 1000 – 1230

Q: Where do we meet?

The cadets do some training at their HQ at Rifles House, (left hand side of) New Road, St Sampson’s, but often we meet at other locations around the island for specific training activities such as fieldcraft, navigation, First Aid, surfing and kayaking. Contact us  to arrange a visit to our HQ.

Q: How do I join?

Contact us to arrange a visit to the ACF or take a look at our ‘Join Us‘ page to download the enrolment form.

Complete the enrolment form and return quickly – or get your nbame put on the waiting list if too you are too young right now.

Q: If I join the Army Cadets, do I have to join the Army

Definitely not. Although we are sponsored by the Army, Cadets are not soldiers. There is no pressure whatsoever to join the Armed Forces – but – if you are thinking about it, being a cadet is ideal preparation.